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What is Your return policy

We do not accept returns or give refunds of any kind. Our products are considered underwear and are used in most of the cases for a post-surgical process. 

We only exchange garments in case of manufacturing imperfection, material or sewing issues.

We reserve the right to make refunds when we considered it necessary or/ and stop communication with a client in the case that hate speech is detected, we have ZERO tolerance for disrespectful and offensive communication with us.

The best referral is a complement THANK YOU for being a valued Customer.

What is Faja and why do we need one?

Fajas- otherwise called girdles are among the leading and most famous body shaping garments. FAJA’S are also renowned in the medical field as they are very essential in the recovery process after body shaping surgeries and postpartum recovery. They tighten your body and highlight your curves giving you an overall attractive look. 

How to Wear a Fajas?